Ready to regain your willpower?

  • Are the symptoms you've lived with becoming more unbearable?
  • Do friends, co-workers, and family worry about your health?
  • Do you feel like you're on the wrong side in most of your relationships?
  • Do you really know why you're working so hard all the time?
  • Are you living your life for someone or something other than yourself?
Would answers to the above have a profound impact on the quality of your day-to-day life?
Are you ready to tell a new story about the way you look and feel without breaking the bank or turning your life completely upside down?

JumpStart Session

Clean Fun Living is just Steps Away

Chances are you’re ready to take that first, second or even third step right now, but you’re not sure exactly WHAT that next step should be…You already know what to do.  Once you put the kibosh on those crazy thoughts racing around your head that keep you stressed out and anxious, the SHINE kicks in and the real fun begins.

Book a 100% confidential, free 30-minute JumpStart Consult today and say “girl bye” to all the stress, worry and fear you have about what’s going on inside that amazing body of yours.

What Clients have to Say

“Jaison is an amazing holistic health coach. His service was exceptional and he gave me a very clear understanding of what I was going through and what I needed to do to make healthier choices. The information and advice he provided was invaluable.


His complimentary Jumpstart Session gave me peace of mind and actually made me feel like I can really make some easy healthy changes that wouldn't be completely drastic to my lifestyle. I would recommend him to anyone who might be seeking guidance or just some clarity on any health/nutritional issues in their lives.”

~Natalie L. Cruz

Natalie Cruz

The Freshness

Best ways to win at being more healthy when you're over 40 and not really in the mood.

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