#7 Simplify Your Palate

Clean Fun Living - Simplify Your Palate

Limit the number of high-calorie foods on your party plate.

It’s been proven that when faced with multiple food options of varying tastes, textures, smells, shapes, and colors, people eat more―regardless of their true hunger level.

Cutting down on your personal smorgasbord can decrease what you end up eating significantly.

Simplify your palate filling your plate with low-calorie items, such as leafy green salads, vegetable dishes, and lean proteins, and taking smaller portions of the richer ones. That way, you can eat a larger amount of food for fewer calories and not feel deprived.

Take Action
When you’ve had enough (or don’t want to eat more), pop a sugar-free breath freshener in your mouth. The feeling of a fresh palate can curb additional eating

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