If you are looking for that one special experience that will create a total breakthrough in the quality of your overall health, this is it.  My All-In-One Group Coaching Program will inspire and educate you to live your best life.

In safe, supportive environment where there are no wrong answers, no question or comment too silly, I will present different dietary theories and guide you through food experiments that help you figure out which way of eating is right for you.

Whether you are new to dietary change or already have a sound nutrition base and would like on going support our All-In-One Group Coaching Program will provide a unique approach unlike anything you have ever encountered.

Other key benefits:

  • Discovery of many new, great tasting health foods that are easy to cook (or cooked for you);
  • Bonding and deeper relationships with friends, family and/or that special someone;

  • Less money and time spent on health related products and services;

  • A personal health roadmap that when taken will remedy most any health concern you ever have;

  • A much better night’s sleep;

  • An end to destructive cravings.

The “All-In-One” 6-month program structure includes:
*Rolling Admissions = (join the group at the beginning of each month for the full 6-month series)

Month Curriculum Week 1 Session Week 2 Session
1 A Greens Circle of Life/Goals
2 B Healthy Eating Pyramid Cravings (Sugar & Salt)
3 C Protein, Carbs & Fats Food and Mood
4 D Healthy On-the-Go Relationships and Self-Nurturing
5 E Intuition and Digestion Body Types
6 F Desires and Self Expression Visualization, Career and Lifestyle
  • Two 1½ hour group sessions per month (12 sessions in all) which will include discussion of health and nutrition topics, client progress, action tasks and a full set of handouts

  • Assigned buddies for email/phone support

  • Private online forum for group discussions

  • Video screenings

  • Guest speakers with live demos (Movement, Acupuncture, Reiki, Meditation)

  • Health Food Store Tour

  • Whole food Cooking Classes

  • Books, tapes, CDs, workshops and modalities to incorporate healthy habits into your life

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How can I help you?

Jaison greene 7816 3130

Maximize your health and well being in the face of confusing, often contradictory information?

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