My coaching services encompass the full range of what it means to be a healthy, self-sustaining middle-aged man of color making your mark in demanding, fast-paced urban environments around the globe.

Being healthy today is neither simple nor easy given the glut of consistently confusing, usually contradiction “information” and top ten ways lists swimming around the web these days.  While it may feel easier to try that new superfood your peep raved about or simply keep on keeping on with your current eating and lifestyle habits — truth is none of these options really address your particular digestive situation, levels of stress you’re expected to handle daily or the many groans, crackles and pops your body makes when getting out the bed in the am.

You need something that works for you and for you only.  You’ve lived too long on the planet for any type of “quick fix” to make a difference in your health over the long-term.  You are in need of a complete solution.  One that addresses your concerns about vitality and longevity as you move through middle age.  One that understands and fully accepts that you have some habits you don’t want to change and shouldn’t have to in order to have quality good health.

I wholehearted agree.  I would never ask you to give up your favorite foods or lifestyle choices for good in order to achieve your health goals.

But you must have a desire make peace with your body.  Your body loves you unconditionally. It has always done everything you ask of it to the very best of its ability. But you can’t continue to do wrong by your body and expect it to keep up forever.

Your desire to make peace with your body must come from you and only you.  No one else, not your friends, significant other, relatives, not even doc MD him or herself can compel you to do what you’re unwilling to do for yourself.

Without a basic, effective self-care regimen, your health will begin to unravel, often in frustrating, unpleasant ways.  Perhaps that’s happening for you right now.  Know that you can reverse the momentum at any point in time once your desire to make peace with your body overcomes any lurking fears which could be keeping you from taking decisive action.

It’s normal to be a little confused, even anxious about what to do when it comes to your health.  As men we’ve been conditioned to downplay, even ignore pain and discomfort in our bodies.   Like feelings and emotions, paying close attention to ourselves is not usually attached to men, maleness, and masculinity in general.  

This is stupid, sexist, and downright dangerous to our collective health.

Taking good care of yourself is what it means to be a 21st-century man.  Regular maintenance in the form of quality food, rest, exercise and managing the destructive effects of chronic stress [link] as a way of saying “thank you” to your body is fast becoming the norm for all men, regardless or age.  

What if you were to take a good, hard look at your current situation, see it for exactly what it is, then choose 3 specific goals you want to reach over the next 3-6 months? Goals that encompass changes that are all about what’s best for you, right now. My health coaching increases your chances of reaching your goals because you now have someone else looking out for you in most enjoyable, interesting ways you can possibly imagine.

You already know what to do.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

Ready to feel better in your body right now?


A non-judgy chance to be heard and understood without judgment while getting clarity on exactly where you are with your health and what you want to change or improve

Who it’s for:

The part of you that’s ready, willing and able to take action about their health now

30-45 min


Quick boost of your most basic bodily functions: Digestion, Assimilation, and Elimination for immediate relief.

Who it’s for:

You seek immediate relief without committing a whole lotta time

3 Days


A custom cleanse and digestive rebuild program that loosens the grip of excess sugar, salt and wine on your diet while you drop an average 6-10 lbs.

 Who it’s for:

One who’s feasted on super processed, yummy tasting foods that come in a wrapper, carton or box for far too long.

6-12 Days


Turn new habits into automatic ones so that ongoing good health occurs naturally, without any extra effort on your part

Who it’s for:

A self-starter seeking absolute clarity on what works best for their body in the most important parts of their lives.

3-6 months

Victor-Evans-Harvey“Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting much when I began with Jaison so I kept my goals simple and measurable: keep my weight steady, exercise more regularly, reduce my sugar intake slightly and eat more vegetables/fruit, you know, the basics.   I didn’t fully understand what a health coach was (or did) and proceeded into those first few sessions with at least one eyebrow raised….
A year and a half later, I feel like I’ve just begun.  Those initial goals have become routine habits and a whole new world has opened up for me:  a new position at work, all my relationships – familial, professional and personal have a newfound level of clarity and realness that still amazes me to this day.  What I thought I could be and do with my life is now a reality mostly because of Jaison constantly challenging me, not judging me while giving me the permission to do what I already knew was possible.”

I’m nowhere near finished with him yet.

~Victor Evans-Harvey
United Nations, New York City

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