I guess I should start with the most important question of all:  Why do a cleanse?

Well, if you’ve ever attempted a cleanse or detox of any kind longer than 3 days, you probably know it ain’t so easy, at least not at first.  If you’re like most people, you didn’t stick it out beyond day 3, regardless if pain-free digestion or kicking your sugar cravings was at stake.

Self-motivation and commitment are the two keys for success for anything you want in this life.  And when it comes to dealing with your health, motivation and commitment are usually nowhere to be found when you need them the most.

It’s not your fault.

Lifelong conditioning is working against you all of the time to ensure you continue to keep the same eating and lifestyle habits you’ve had since you were young.

Problem is, as you’ve gotten a little older life has gotten more complicated and stressful.  As a result, your body simply cannot keep up with the way you treat it anymore.  You may not be doing anything in particular that would be considered “unhealthy”, yet you cannot seem to stay awake at your desk nor find a way to sleep through the night without the help of a pill or a drink or something stronger.

How you got to this point isn’t as important as getting immediate relief for your current situation.

You want to feel better now, not later.  And you definitely don’t wanna spend a lot of money,  starve, or have to spend extra time learning complicated steps that will have you looking (and feeling) crazy out here in order to get your mojo back.

My SHINE Cleanse program is the answer.

The missing link in most other detox and cleanse programs online and in the real world is support for what happens immediately before you start the cleanse and immediately after you end your cleanse.

SHINE is broken down into 3 steps or phases:

The Pre-cleanse Prep period helps you connect with your true motivation – your underlying whys – for wanting to feel healthier beyond what people around are saying (including your doctor).  This is when you confront the “not having the time” excuse for what it really is:   that somewhere along the way you’ve de-prioritized the importance of your health in favor of other, more important things in life.  You’ve had very good reasons for putting other things, other people first in the past.

You really can’t afford to do that any longer.

SHINE Pre-Cleanse Prep simplifies the entire cleansing process for you at a pace you can easily follow.   A full introduction to the dozens of “Detox-Approved” foods that are much like eating on Paleo or the Whole30 with the addition of a few supportive, fortifying grains like brown rice.

You’ll pick a starting date as well as seamlessly fit SHINE into your existing routine without aggravation or any sense of overwhelm.  You’d be amazed how easily this comes together for you.

Once you’re prepped you’re ready to begin.

SHINE Cleanse Phase consists of 60 seconds in the morning and about 30 seconds at night.   You simply go about your business at work or the gym drinking green, red, and purple smoothies, eating eggs, chicken, fish, nuts, all veggies, oats, quinoa, almond butter etc., plus dessert if you want it.

Custom menus to suit your palate are included.  Yet, unlike the Whole30 and many other well-rounded “clean eating” programs designed to detoxify and shed weight, SHINE also adds targeted herbal detoxification boost which results in greater digestive function in less time than with food-only programs.

Not a cook?  Not interested in learning?   All good.

YELP PLUGIN (Detox-Approved meals)  Customized breakfast, lunch and dinner options wherever you work and live.  You literally don’t have to do anything different, except work, eat, sleep and feel better on my SHINE program.  Daily steam and sauna are optional and highly recommended. 🙂

The final SHINE Rebuild Phase assists you in solidifying your new and much-improved relationship with yourself.  There are three totally doable hacks that exponentially extend your improved digestion, sustained energy levels and cool, comfortable relief that indicate the lowered stress and inflammation, of your totally re-balanced, properly functioning physical body.

Wanna know more?

Here’s what to you next.  Book a complimentary JumpStart Consult.

In your free 30-minute session you’ll receive:

  • Clear understanding of how your current diet and lifestyle are affecting your moment-to-moment quality of life;
  • Unpack the real story behind “not having the time” to take care of yourself;
  • Clarity on how getting healthy will affect the people around you (not everyone may be happy for you)
  • Full understanding of all the amazing benefits you’ll get from SHINE; and
  • A complete Personalized Summary of Consultation with a customized recommendation. (Written up based on our consultation and emailed to you within 24 hours).

SHINE works, because we work it together.  I take care of all the details of organizing and keeping track of everything so all you have to do is feel better.

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