You’re ready to make changes and would like some support along the way

My “All About You” individual program provides the greatest level of support for you and your personal health goals.

Your body is unique and your nutritional needs are exclusive to you.  Making the changes that you want – be it sustained energy, more productivity, relief from the ill-effects of stress, freedom from worry, dropping those stubborn pounds or just knowing what to eat whenever you feel hungry – time to become a part of your everyday routine.

These changes also be fun, easy and make complete sense every step of the way.  The beauty of working one-on-one with me in the “All About You” program is that you’re always in control.

You decide how fast, how slow and in what direction the program moves.  Say you start out wanting to kick your sugar habit and a guided 7-day sugar detox does the trick, now that your energy levels are balanced, you might then want to designing an ideal exercise routine – or focus on a new career.

The “All About You” program turns what’s possible into concrete reality.

Whatever it is, I support every choice, each decision you make 110% while providing honest feedback coupled with doable recommendations to make reaching your goals a permanent and lasting reality.

Your free health history consultation, genetics, stress factors, relationships, life style and career choices are factors that make up your “bio-individuality” – The stuff that sets you apart from every other person on the planet.  This is what’s meant by the saying:  One person’s medicine is another person’s poison.

I am your fearless advocate.  I know all the ins and outs of over 100 popular dietary theories and how the food you eat affects all the other parts of your life:  relationships,  career, exercise and your spirituality (otherwise known as “the reason you are here on this planet”).

The “All About You” 6-month program includes:

  • Two 55-minute appointments each month (12 sessions in all) in person with me, a board Certified Holistic Health Counselor which will include discussion of your progress, my recommendations and a full set of notes.
  • Unlimited email & text support between sessions
  • Whole food Cooking Classes
  • Health Food Store Tour (Whole Foods, Fairway, Trader Joes, Westerly)
  • In-home cooking demo (optional)
  • Books, tapes, CDs, workshops and modalities to incorporate healthy habits into your life.
  • A pantry makeover, where we look at what you are eating by going through fridge and pantry and finding Clean Fun versions of the foods your family enjoys
  • Intensive meal planning,strategizing, specific recipes for you and your families needs
  • In-depth review of common allergens and consideration of your possible food sensitivities or allergies
  • In-depth education on supplementation
  • In this program we have time to learn more health and wellness topics and dive into them in more depth
  • Access to a wealth of health and wellness resources including topics such as Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, Chakra energy clearing
  • Discounts on exclusive Health & Wellness Supplement

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