I’ve had the honor and great pleasure of working with motivated souls to build strong foundations of healthy well-being.  From short-term cleanses to total life transformations and other challenges in between, I’ve facilitated real change in people’s lives.
And who doesn’t want some of that?

Victor-Evans-Harvey“Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting much when I began with Jaison so I kept my goals simple and measurable: keep my weight steady, exercise more regularly, reduce my sugar intake slightly and eat more vegetables/fruit, you know, the basics.   I didn’t fully understand what a health coach was (or did) and proceeded into those first few sessions with at least one eyebrow raised….

A year and a half later, I feel like I’ve just begun.  Those initial goals have become routine habits and a whole new world has opened up for me:  a new position at work, all my relationships – familial, professional and personal have a newfound level of clarity and realness that still amazes me to this day.  What I thought I could be and do with my life is now a reality mostly because of Jaison constantly challenging me, not judging me while giving me the permission to do what I already knew was possible.”

I’m nowhere near finished with him yet.

~Victor Evans-Harvey

Sean Hollingsworth

Luke Farrer

Lou Screnci

David Hwang

Dr. Ena Pearl

Davida Abells

Davida Abells

Jaison is VERY knowledgeable about the entire detoxification process, He knew exactly what was going on when I described the things that were happening to my body. He made me feel very comfortable and very secure.

As a result of his guidance, my cravings definitely changed—I eat more fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. I’m paying more attention to my body and exercising and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I don’t think I could’ve done it without his videos and everybody else in the Facebook Group he created.

Suparna Malhotra

Suparna Malhotra

This was my first detox of this type and Jaison did what he said he would – provided me with telephone support throughout and helped fit the plan around my life style.

I wanted to lose weight and cleanse my system after Christmas abuse.  Initially, I was concerned about starving (since I’m not set up to cook a lot).  Thankfully, Jaison provided me with several excellent “detox-approved” menu options at restaurants close to my school, home and work space. He was always available via text and email to answer any questions or concerns that I had during the cleanse.

He is extremely professional and knows what he’s talking about and goes out of his way for his clients.


Paul Bushkul, MD

Any intervention that makes people aware of the countless toxins we are exposed to in our daily lives and puts an emphasis on healthful eating habits heavily skewed toward the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is worthwhile.…

Tracy Brisson

Tracy_BrissonJaison was easy to talk to about topics that are often uncomfortable for women to speak about, and had the expertise to make changes to some of his initial recommendations that weren’t working for my body type and past habits.

If you’re a busy professional who knows you want to make a change in your health but aren’t sure how, I highly recommend hiring Jaison Greene to help.

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